• Robyn Wagner

Pressure Cooker Pineapple Teriyaki Pulled Pork

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

A can of pineapple, bottle of Insta-Meal Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki sauce and pork come together for a finger-licking sandwich.



  1. Cut pork shoulder into 1 in pieces and place in the bottom of your pressure cooker.

  2. Pour all the juice from the canned pineapple over the pork, reserving the slices for later.

  3. Pour entire bottle of Insta-Meal Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki sauce on top do not stir.

  4. Place lid on top and cook on HP for 40 minutes.

  5. Let pressure naturally release 10 minutes. Quick release any leftover pressure.

  6. Remove lid, if too saucy drain some excess. Then using two forks shred pork and stir. Sauce will thicken up some as you let the meat rest.

  7. Serve on a bun topped with a slice of pineapple.

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